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[Don't] share your data.

Public Key Encryption (PKE) revolutionized internet security in the 2000s, enabling secure data sharing online. However, data control now largely rests with a few big companies, raising privacy concerns. With AI's growth, data ownership's importance is magnified. In response, decentralized blockchains offer a shift from central control to distributed power, but face challenges like privacy in decentralized computing.

TACEO aims to address these issues, seeing programmable cryptography as key to web3 success, just as PKE was to web2. We're creating a network and tools for decentralized private computation, filling a crucial gap in technology, and enabling various new applications, particularly with sensitive data.

Our Team

Lukas Helminger


Stefan Plank


Daniel Kales


Lukas Goetz


Christian Rechberger


Roman Walch

Lead Cryptographer

Franco Nieddu

Senior Cryptographic Engineer

Roman Holler

Software Engineer


Am Eisernen Tor 5, 8010 Graz, Austria