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Research Papers

Monolith: Circuit-Friendly Hash Functions with New Nonlinear Layers for Fast and Constant-Time Implementations

The Monolith hash function design aims to be as fast as SHA-3 in plain and as small as Poseidon when used in FRI based zero-knowledge proof systems featuring lookup tables.

From Farfalle to Megafono via Ciminion: The PRF Hydra for MPC Applications

Hydra is a stream cipher designed to securely encrypt large amounts of data with as little multiplications as possible, making it especially suitable for encrypting data using an MPC-shared encryption key.

Horst Meets Fluid-SPN: Griffin for Zero-Knowledge Applications

Griffin is a novel hash function designed to be small and efficient when used in all major zero-knowledge proof systems such as Plonk-based, R1CS-based or AIR-based ones.